Who Am I?

I love food! Ever Since I was 6 years old I have been in the kitchen and pretending to run my own cooking show. I remember being caught, by my older brother and mom, talking to an audience and giving directions on the dish I was making. (I don’t remember what it was, probably eggs.) I was embarrassed to have been caught talking to an imaginary camera and audience but when they decided to break out the camcorder, I couldn’t have been more excited! My brother ran the camera, my mom supervised, and I cooked! One of my earliest obsessions as a child involved my fantasy of a professional kitchen filled with all the tools and gadgets I could ever hope for (especially those small clear ingredient bowls!!!). My dream job (aside from becoming a cashier for my love of buttons and that scanner.) was to become a chef. My passion has always been food, I watched all the cooking channels and shows. I read books and articles solely dedicated to various cooking techniques. As I grew older my kitchen conquests became more and more adventurous. Eventually my mom developed Celiac Disease and her body could no longer process gluten. After this I started to focus my efforts on making gluten free (and other dietary restricted) food taste good! I saw first hand how important being able to enjoy your food really is and I had a mission to help as many people as I could. Food is my passion and I want to make sure everyone has that option while staying healthy.

When I moved into my own apartment near the local Co-op in my city I started to shop there, specifically to get our produce, dairy, and meats. Because of this I started to make healthier meals for my boyfriend, Chuck, and I. Chuck is not a big fan of vegetables (especially not raw or under cooked), and he is not afraid to tell me when he doesn’t like a dish. So I had a new mission, to make delicious food that was also healthy fuel for our bodies. I was succeeding, Chuck, an amateur food critic, was loving or liking most of the dishes I was making. I still couldn’t get him to like kale, whether cooked and stir fried or raw as a salad, but it was sure one of my favorites so I would never give up! After 1.5 years of eating as many raw fruits and veggies as possible (since the less cooked produce is, the more nutrients will remain intact) I started to notice something peculiar. I started to get sick.

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